Stop interrupting my grinding

Tonight at work a man called me while he jacked off. You read that correctly. To reiterate, in case you don't understand, a man called me while he was masturbating, yanking it, jerkin' the gerkin,' acting out the grapes of wrath, or whatever other euphemism you can think of.  At first I didn't know what… Continue reading Stop interrupting my grinding

What FiFi Trixibelle taught me

If you have read some of my other posts, I'm going to assume you have picked up on my subtle hints that I am not religious (see fear #4). That being said, I fucking LOVE religious mommy blogs. It's a strange (not strange because there's anything wrong with religion but just strange because I am neither… Continue reading What FiFi Trixibelle taught me

My un-guilty pleasure

I have a difficult relationship with celebrities. By "difficult relationship" I don't mean raising three children with a man who you fell out of love with ten years ago, or trying to mend a turbulent relationship with your drug-addled child who steals from you. I simply mean "difficult relationship" in the sense that my feelings… Continue reading My un-guilty pleasure