What the world needs now

  Hello reader(s), While the photo above is me "studying" last semester, it accurately sums up how I'm currently feeling amidst 32 hour work weeks and three university courses. I am very busy (not full-time-working-parent-of-3-busy, just 23-year-old-single-lass-busy) with mid-terms and work. I've got professors asking me questions about how much women's rights have changed in… Continue reading What the world needs now

Stop interrupting my grinding

Tonight at work a man called me while he jacked off. You read that correctly. To reiterate, in case you don't understand, a man called me while he was masturbating, yanking it, jerkin' the gerkin,' acting out the grapes of wrath, or whatever other euphemism you can think of.  At first I didn't know what… Continue reading Stop interrupting my grinding

Thinks vol 2, Daily Mail edition

Think 1 Lately I've been working on forgiving Rihanna (some of you may know her, she's an international pop star/ confirmed goddess). Our relationship has been tense ever since I (enthusiastically) listened to her January 2016 album Anti. It started off STRONG. I was definitely feeeeeling Anti. "Consideration?" Oh yes please. "Yeah I said it?" Hilarious.… Continue reading Thinks vol 2, Daily Mail edition