Thinks vol 1

Welcome to what will be a regular feature on Yorge Thinks, because it is quick and easy and I always take the easy way, with a “due today? Do today” mentality.

Think 1

Why do people always say “go fuck yourself” like it’s a bad thing? You know who gets off every time they fuck themselves? EVERYONE. Definitely can’t say the same for when other people fuck you. You might as well say to someone “go have an orgasm” because that’s essentially the same thing. #selflove

Think 2

I shave my arms and have never once regretted it. My sister seems to think this is ludicrous, but these days it seems like if someone has a different opinion than you it’s acceptable to delegitimize their opinion by calling it “fake” so, that’s a fake opinion (#fakeopinion) sister. The truth about shaving my arms is, two friends told me to do it when I got arm tattoos and I’M GLAD I DID. [side note, if you like body hair, good for you! No shame. You do you. #feminism]

Disclaimer: This is not me

Think 3

#Kyga in a passionate V day embrace

It seems like #Kyga had so much fun on Valentines day… taking pictures and maybe doing nothing else? They do look sporty- chic. I’m just sad Elmo had to die for that coat. But it IS fantastic (for real, I am actually very into that coat).  I’m also glad that her wealth has not discouraged her from the fun use- plastic -bags- to- make- a -skirt- or- dress-birthday party game. I did that in grade 8 with tissue paper and it was so extra! #StillAKidKylie

This is the dress my friends (apple faces) and I made at a party. See my cool scissor pose and my armpit stains? Probably should have apple’d my face too. #JustLikeKylie

Think 4

US ICE raids are bullshit, I’m still not over this story from last week and you shouldn’t be either (sorry, obligatory post because whyyyy POTUS Shitbag?). #SadCanadian

Think 5

I work at a hotel front desk sandwiched between two bars that share the hotel lobby. Drunk people often come into that lobby to have deep convos with their significant others, not noticing the lone person sitting at the front desk, pretending not to listen to them (me). On February 13th I had the pleasure of overhearing a girl fight with her boyfriend on the phone about whether or not he loved her enough. Here is a direct quote of the one-sided phone conversation I overheard/was forced to hear: “Well if you see me out and I’m hammered maybe you should take care of me? Like maybe call me and see if I’m okay… Well yeah, okay sometimes I don’t answer my phone  when I’m drinking because I’m just doing… fuck… I’m just doing whatever the fuck I want… You should just call me anyway. Other guys I dated used to call me ALL the time.” #AskForWhatYouWant #CallMeMaybe

Think 6

I am forever in love with Solange and her sister power and wish she hadn’t deleted this tweet because #truth. Also can she please come out with a new EP somewhere sonically in between True and A Seat at the Table? I’ll take her samples if that’s all she’s got.




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