Losing my blog V card on V Day

Hello reader(s),

Welcome to my blog. What do I blog about? I guess we’ll fucking find out.

While I may  not be certain about its future content, I can give you a couple guide lines that should steer you either into this blog’s loving arms (although, if this blog is truly an extension of me then it probably gets as awkward and standoffish about hugs as I do), or send you to another, less sarcastic, perhaps more sporty blog (if you’re into that kind of weird shit).

My blog promises:

  1. I will attempt to keep my political opinions out of this blog, though that goes against whatever natural instincts I possess, so no actual promises on that one. That one’s more of a light “promise.”
  2. This blog will offer literally zero advice, unless it is hypothetical advice to celebrities. For example, should Kim K. go blonde again? The answer being yes, but only post- giving- birth- to- North-trying-to-get-her-groove-back- blonde, not Paris- Fashion- week-blonde, because that shit just looked damaging and gave me hives (because bleaching my hair to the point that it falls out is actually one of my top ten fears, even though I have never bleached my hair, nor do I plan to). You see, I am not a mother, so no mothering advice. I am not a world traveller, so no travelling advice. I am a terrible student, so no academic advice. I am not religious, so I will not tell you how to practice or not practice a religion (that’s your bidness). This is not a style blog, so probably no style advice.  I’m sure, with a few exceptions to that last one– my main style motto is just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 
  3. You know what? Fuck it. This is probably going to be a blog in which I give unsolicited advice. Read it or don’t read it. If you read it, it’s solicited and this was a consensual exchange, so yay us!!

Did this post clear things up for you? Yeah, me either. Get ready for some current events discussion, scattered thoughts, some light advice, and possibly some RAGING FEMINIST OPINIONS (pce out unwoke bros).

Welcome to Yorge Thinks.



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